Monday, April 16, 2007

The Sound of Music

Influenced by Jamie Fingal, this piece started off as a playful tribute to an enchanted forest with playful flower trees. Continuing my “cabin” theme, I imagined a cabin in the midst of this enchanted forest, where one hears the music of the trees and birds. I realized that I’d chosen to create with fabric the experience of many spring breaks spent in the local mountain community of Idyllwild. While flowers weren’t in bloom and indeed one Easter there was snow, the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees was truly the sound of music. My roses are blooming beautifully this week, but it’s still cool here, not yet spring weather. So with this piece, I have my own vision of spring. (This piece, with the exception of beading, was created during my spring break.)

"The Sound of Music" Commercial and hand painted cottons, netting, machine and hand stitching, beads and sequins. 11x13.5
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Kathy Wagner said...

Thanks for that inspiring website.
This is my favorite of your recent pieces. Maybe because these are the colours I like to work with and maybe because I love beaded flowers! I also like the spiked flower near the draws your eye into the house/the centre.

Twisted Sister said...

What a surprise to find my name as your inspiration for this piece! I am very honored. You house with the flowers is delightful and colorful.Thank yoy! I am always happy when my work influences another artist! Happy sewing!
Jamie Fingal in Orange, CA