Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Composition Book Junque Journal

I'm taking an online class with Tangie Baxter making a junque journal from a composition book. I've attempted this before but didn't like the results. I love this one ... I'm using it for my day to day "documented life" journal.

More to come ...

Thursday, July 23, 2015

blogger problems

for some reason, pictures have disappeared from my blog. I'll need to investigate it and see if I can get them back. Any suggestions?

EDIT - somehow photos were deleted from google+ -- oh I so find the google thing confusing! Anyway, its fixed for now.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Lone Duck

Sometimes it's just fun to play in Photoshop.

Lomo effect
posterized and colorized
saturated film effect
these effects turn photos from fairly boring to artsy and interesting. Which one do you like best?

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Scrappy Leftovers

This book was born out of an attempt to use up my stash of papers and junk and supplies, and my love of making and working in book form. It is a true “scrappy journal” in that nothing inside it is “new”.  The cover is a cereal box, covered with drop paper (paper used under painting projects) sealed with glossy collage pauge mixed with red glitter. I added a paper flower and two strips of ribbon to the front, and stitched hearts of the same drop paper to the back. There are four signatures, sewn in with hemp twine, using a simple long stitch. Approximately 138 pages/surfaces are available to use.

While I won’t journal in this book, the papers and vignettes will be documentation of life lived. Junk mail, stamps, stickers from fruit, product and food packaging … things that would normally be thrown away. They are repurposed here to create an interesting form of art. The book is meant to be interacted with … lots of pockets and tuck spots invite the viewer to lift and pull, perhaps turn the book around. I invite anyone who views this book to dig into their purse or pocket and offer any junk they find, thereby being a collaborator in this project. 

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Meandering books

This book, made from one sheet of paper, is called a "meandering book" because of the way it unfolds and can be displayed. 

Either side can be the "outside". 

I added content to this one ...

I love making these books, decorating the papers and creating the structure. Sometimes the structure "dictates" the content. In this case there were roughly 11 pages on one side, my granddaughter is 11, so a page per year worked perfectly. I haven't yet decided on the content for the top one.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

3 more books

Still making books from one sheet of paper. Folding and cutting techniques to create different structures.

French Door Book
Painted, stamped and doodled paper.

the "french door" is in the middle

here you can see the backside of the paper which has a light wash only.
No content yet ... however, thinking of following the graffiti theme and adding photos of graffiti I've taken on various travels, mainly in Europe.

Meandering book.
Painted and stamped paper both sides
Front view

top view

inside page view
Again, no content yet. Thinking of making it a "map" of my granddaughter's years.

Accordion Book with Pockets
Scrapbook paper 12x12. Folded to create pockets
I created a "belly band" with a complimentary scrapbook paper.


inside view with pockets which I filled with tags
This is for my son for father's day.
I absolutely love love love making books! Hope you are having a creative day!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

One Page Wonders

I'm taking a class with Kiala Givehand. We are making books from one sheet of paper. I'm taking the class because Kiala is a wiz at bookmaking and her videos are good quality. 

This is the first book, an "X" book or 6-page book. You can choose to glue pages to create a book like this or you can leave pages unglued. I wanted to show the back of the paper so I created pockets by just gluing sides and using my circle punch.

For content, I added small photos of flowers and call it "Small Wonders". I also rounded the corners which adds a nice touch. It's quite small 2 3/4 by 4 1/4. Not sure what I'll add to the pockets, perhaps quotes about flowers tucked inside. I'm not happy with the title on the cover (don't like the black on the dark green) ... so I'll be switching that out.

Kiala is not only teaching book structure but also teaching a variety of paper "decoration" techniques. This is using tulip fabric paint to create a sort of "tie dyed" effect. 

Taking this class supports one of my 2015 art goals - to make 50 books. Having a lot of fun with this!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

still digi playing

I'm still at it ... today playing with textures and blending ... upper left is original

will I ever get bored with so many toys to play and experiment with?

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Still on a digital kick

still on a digital kick ... playing around on a Saturday morning.

"Dance Above"
Background is "torn" pieces from a painted envelope, collaged to a black "substrate". Black splotches are added with a brush. I'm inspired by Frida because she created regardless of her physical and emotional pain ... she kept on making art.

"Yellow Roses on Black and White Doodle"
The doodle is a scan from my art journal, digitized in photoshop elements. The roses are from my yard, multiplied to create a sense of colorful abundance.

"Beauty in Nature"
The background is scanned from an art journal of a few years back. The hydrangea is from my yard. I love how I can add text on a path!

Same background as one above  digitized (original flower shows on this one). Sometimes I feel like I go into a creative abyss, and when I emerge there is hope of moving forward with my art.
Happy Saturday.