Thursday, October 16, 2014

Street art and performers, windows and a sunset

We had friends visiting from the East coast so naturally we went on a field trip ... exploring Southern California beach towns. Here is some of what we saw.

Our friends have gone and now I settle down to tackle commissioned journals. Today ... paint papers. Out comes the gelli plate!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday meditation

It's a beautiful day ... has a touch of "fall air" ... perfect for arting and now heading out to antique shops in the city of Orange. Aside from the obvious error, I like this mandala. 

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Photoshop Elements 12 is filled with fun toys. The first day of class we covered "Quick" and "Guided" tools and techniques. The fun begins! I had to go to the beach for a photo shoot. Unfortunately due to a high ridge, I wasn't able to get to the water's edge ... that means I'll have to go to another beach soon!



These will be fun to journal on and further manipulate.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Flaps and Folds

I just finished a book inspired by LK Ludwig's The Big Time Book. While I didn't use this binding (because of the complexity of the folded pages), I did create folded pages in 8 of the 10 signatures. Some pages have one folded flap, some two. Two signatures are full page sheets that are folded "up and around" creating many different ways to view the pages.

painted papers: bristol paper colored with acrylic paint and spray inks, texturized with drops of rubbing alcohol
trifold pages 5 x 7
trifold with a flap (paper was 17" so there was 2" extra)
full sheet folded in half and thirds with one section removed for interesting folding within book 
full sheet with no sections removed - shows a variety of folds
rubbing alcohol added to sprayed inks
The cover is a cardboard box cut to size and covered with scrapbook paper. Hand bound using sewn tape binding with waxed linen.
tapes were glued on and also sewn on. buttons were added to front cover tapes before glueing.
colorful backgrounds
A couple of things I'd do differently. I hadn't planned to glue the front and back pages to the covers. However after binding, that seemed necessary to increase stability (there was a large gap between the covers and first/last pages.) In doing so, I lost two "pretty" pages. Next time I'd just have the front and back covers plain. Also, the first folio is a folded one ... next time I'd make it a single spread like the back one.

I love this book! I can't wait to use it. My (current) intention is to use it for altered photos. I'm taking a class at the local adult school in Photoshop Elements 12. I'm also interested in doing some hand manipulation of photos.

I'm off to class! Back to School for my granddaughter and me. She's entering 5th grade. She looks way too grown up in this outfit!

everyday journal

Here's a new scrappy journal that I'll use for everyday journaling and collage play. Not much different from others I've made, except the binding. So far it's fun to play in.

Monday, August 18, 2014

We're going on an Alaska cruise in September. I made this journal to take with me to collect memories and impressions and postcards and memorabilia. It's a recycled book with 3 signatures sewn in with the triple chain stitch which I learned in Mary Ann Moss' class, Full Tilt Boogie.

Lots of space to write and add stuff. I'll add photos when we return.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Scrappy Journal #30

A Bit of This, A Bit of That
Scrappy Journal # 30

This book is inspired by Remains of the Day (pages) and Full Tilt Boogie (exposed spine sewn tape binding), classes offered online by MaryAnn MossIt includes a variety of papers, including scrapbook, painted and gelli prints, paper bags, and plain cardstock. The pages are embellished to create visual interest as well as pockets, flaps, and little places to tuck photos and things. Machine stitching to add things to pages; hand stitching for binding. Covers are an old repurposed book. A fabric collage is attached to the front cover. There are 8 signatures with 3 or 4 folios each; approximately 134 pages!


Unfilled, this book is a piece of art, created to be visually stimulating, with some pages left blank to give the eye a place to rest. There is some consideration to page placement, but mostly I generally place colors together that are pleasing to me.

I generally use my scrappy journals to “document life.” I love looking back at them to remember what was going on at a particular time. They are like small snapshots of life. They are more interesting (to me) than a regular scrapbook or photo album because photos and text intermingle with found images, papers, and "junque."

I'm working on a few that I'll list on Etsy. I love making these and I love it when they go out into the world.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Easily distracted

Friend and blogger Jacki Long, inspired me to play with her line drawing and see where it took me. I also had a Picasso postcard on my desk. So ... here is my "Funky Faces". 

Funky faces. Watercolor, acrylic paint, old book text collage, gesso, markers

I had a lot of fun doing this ... I think it may be a repeatable activity. Next time, I'll try my own line drawing. Yes, I'm easily distracted ... but as long as it's fun, that's OK with me.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Just playing with photoshop ... keeping cool on this warm summer day


No, this wasn't a project selected for this week ... I was just in the mood to play.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sorting, sorting, sorting

Recently, I've been struggling with something ... what kind of art do I really want to do? It all started a few weeks (months?) back when I began to sort my art room. I removed all the piles of things on top of surfaces and on the floor ... removed them to our guest room. That led to sorting drawers, paper and fabric. Okay ... progress. Empty art table, sorted drawers. Now what. 

Since that initial burst of energy, slowly projects have been brought back into the space. Projects that seem interesting for a day or two. Then something else catches my fancy ... and I'm off in search of stuff in the other room to bring back. Currently my art space has six projects in various stages. Once again, all the stuff mingles (paint, fabric, beads, unfinished books) ... mingles to create a visual chaos. Once again, I make an item on my "to do" list to clear it all off.

Last week I had an idea ... only have one (maximum two) project out at once. Pick something to do and do it for the week. Try not to be distracted (which means stay off the computer where I'm constantly inspired!). Try to make progress with this one (or two) projects. Try to keep in mind that I can always do something else next week.

So today, I'll be selected my projects. My 2nd half 2014 planner which I'm making and one other - not sure which of the remaining 5 I'll choose. The rest will be moved to the guest room. 

Yesterday, my inner mentor sent me a strong message. Seek art projects that bring me joy, make me happy. Do those. Only do those. Let the rest go (ya know, all those things that other people do that inspire me but don't fulfill me). My inner mentor suggests that if I only work on things that bring me joy, I will actually find that inner voice that I've sought for years (and have written about before).

So, in thinking about this, these are 10 art projects that bring me joy:

  1. Creative doodles
  2. Using these to create greeting cards
  3. Making scrappy journals; bookbinding
  4. Visual documenting my life (in my scrappy journals)
  5. Fabric collage - creating art quilts
  6. Hand stitching and beading
  7. Creating background pages; decorating with everyday stuff (sometimes used in #3)
  8. Playing with photos
  9. Creating postcards with these altered photos
  10. Funky fibers - knitting, weaving
That's still a large list ... but it's a place to start as I continue this journey (and as I sort through the piles that have gathered throughout the last few years.)

"Creativity is a pathway to personal and spiritual growth"
~ Janice Elsheimer