Sunday, January 04, 2015

first project of 2015

I'm off to a fun start! I took this painting that I did a couple of years ago, scanned it and printed it on fabric transfer and ironed it to felt. 

 My intention is to heavily stitch and embellish it and create an art quilt.
Depending on how it works out, I may do a series as I have about 12 of these paintings.
The fabric is quite stiff so I can only work on it for a short while before my thumb is worn out. However, I love hand stitching and beading and this is so colorful that I think I'll enjoy working on it.

My inspiration for the paintings were Robert and Sonia Delaunay whose art I saw in Paris. My inspiration for the embellishment is Frieda Oxenham's journal quilts.

I hope you are off to a creative start to 2015!


Wendy Watson said...

I love what you've done here Jan. Would it be easier if you stabbed the holes in advance? That's what I do when I sew on paper, especially heavy watercolour papers.

And thanks for the link to Frieda Oxenham as I haven't seen her work before.

Jan Jackson said...

Wendy, I've tried that but it takes away from the intuitive way I stitch and bead to create lines and design. My thumb will simply have to get tougher :-). Thanks for stopping by.