Saturday, January 17, 2009

Magic and Surprise of Creativity

"... the truest thing one can say about creative work, in whatever field, is that there is an element of magic in it."

~Henry Miller

This quote resonates with me. I am continually in awe of the 'end product' of a piece of art that started with a blank piece of paper, canvas, or fabric. As I worked yesterday, even working from a sketch, there was magic in the process, and surprise that what developed wasn't exactly as sketched/planned. I'm working on the design wall, cutting shapes and pinning them before fusing or sewing. It's like magic to see how colors interact (or don't), and magic that moving a piece from one place to another creates something better or more aligned. The surprise of finding a paper collage in my 'mystery bag' that became flowers instead of the intended fabric. This bag was started when I was cleaning up one day and put the stuff I was using in it. It has grown to include lots of stuff; I even found art materials I'd purchased early in December in the bottom of the bag. The mystery is why things are sorted in plastic bags; apparently there was some ideas when they were put away. For now, the bag is fodder for the imagination. I started to pull everything out and put it all back into the 'formal' storage units (fabric, paper, embellishments), but decided to keep it as a sort of element of magic and surprise. The paper flowers that emerged yesterday may be the element of surprise in this fabric art piece ... but only time will tell because who knows what else will present itself?

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