Friday, June 22, 2007

More shapes

Working with shapes reminded me of the fun I had working with Matisse-like shapes in paper collage when I took Odile’s class …

I also like working with the simplicity of color. It helps in the composition to not be encumbered with a selection of fabrics/colors/textures.

I remember in an abstract painting class, the instructor had us work with black and white for almost half a day -- I thought I'd go crazy, so starved was I for putting color on paper! At the time, I was also struggling with trying to draw fruit on a box -- which continues to allude me. That was a very non-fun morning for me, as was this week when I tried the exercises on blind and semi-blind contour drawing of a still life (fruit again.) My right brain loses every time to my critical left brain ... which has me totally convinced I'll never ever want to draw a realistic bowl of fruit or vase of flowers, ever ...

But this was fun -- playing with shapes and composition.

I like the way the negative and positive space switch places with the top picture.
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Sarah said...

looks like too much fun to me!