Friday, June 22, 2007

Lesson 1: Line

I’ve started doing my art lessons in Color and Composition for the Creative Quilter by Katie Pasquini Masopust and Brett Barker. Bypassing the contour drawing, or rather failing miserably at contour drawing, I quickly went on to the lesson on line and shape, the first being composing with lines. Using fused black fabric to create lines of varying widths; the instructions were to create four compositions on white background fabric. The first was to have all lines parallel to the edge of the background fabric, the second had edges that were not parallel to the edges, the third was using curved strips of varying widths and lengths; and the fourth a composition of my choice.

Of course, my first interpretation was to do a vertical composition where I literally placed the lines vertically. Honestly, I don’t know where my creative self hides sometimes!!

Thankfully the book has some examples that helped jumpstart something beyond the literal. The literal interpretation, which is part of my academic training, is definitely an enemy in the art studio!
In addition, to this, I selected to do a timed exercise with pencil and paper using thumbnail sketches of lines. Setting the timer for 25 minutes, I did several pages of vertical, horizontal and grid composition. I did another 25 minutes using circular and radiating composition. Similar to morning pages, this is a great way to limber up! I noticed that as time passed, I became more free flowing and playful. I had more fun with the circular and organic lines than the straight lines, which I find interesting because I am really comfortable with geometric shapes. Next lesson is shape …
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