Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Scrap Art

You know you have it bad when ... you call in sick and take an art day. I was so inspired by Beate's Art blog that I decided to make art -- I had to make art -- like there simply was no choice. So I made this piece inspired by ??? (I was poking around a variety of blogs the other day and saw a piece that the artist had used envelopes to create a Kandinsky type design for a class she was taking. Unfortunately I didn't note the artist or the site ... if anyone reading this knows who it was, please let me know. I must get better at keeping track!)

Loving Kandinsky and the idea of using junk mail in art, I collected envelopes and set them aside for an art day.

And voila, here it is ...

Envelopes, parchment paper, doiley, tyvek, burlap, shelf liner, netting ... machine stitched. Glued to watercolor paper and ready for framing.


Karoda said...

Yes! when I worked I would take those kind of days also...it felt so wonderfuly decadent! Keep creating...:)

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Inspired! Bravo!

Waltraud said...

I`m also lvoing Beate`s blog,
Ihope to see more of your art