Saturday, April 15, 2017

Balboa Island

On of the many beautiful areas in my neck of the woods is Balboa Island. You can arrive by ferry, over a bridge, or docking your own boat. 

There is one main street with lots of quaint shops and restaurants. Visiting makes you feel you have "gotten away" to a vacation destination. Lots of tourists, many speaking European languages. Here are some sights ... you'll notice I only focused on the water, not the main street. 

The homes along the bay are stunning!

Roses grow well with this climate.

except where doggies "go"

Fun little boats waiting to take you out on the bay.

A beautiful day. I had lunch on a bench and watched a young woman (very young) being photographed. She didn't offer the purpose of the photo shoot and I managed to refrain from asking. I also refrained from taking a photo of her being photographed. Yes, I was tempted!


Jacki Long said...

Wonderful Jan! Just a 30 minute drive for me, need to take time for it! ;o)

Jan Jackson said...

It's a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.