Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yesterday we went to San Juan Capistrano. It was hot but not too uncomfortable. 
The train depot

Lunch at The Ramos House Cafe. Built in 1881, it opened as a cafe in 1994.  Chef/Owner John Q. Humphreys preserved a majority of the original structure, added a commercial kitchen to the back of the house, and laid out the exterior patio seating area around a century old Mulberry tree. 

I had the Basic Cured Salmon Lox with Toast Points & Baby Herbs. I usually take half of my restaurant meals home ... this was so good that I finished it all, right there. Pricey but delicious food.

I showed photos of flowers from the Butterfly Garden here, a day I was unable to capture a butterfly on camera. I had better luck today.

And if you like purple, you'll love this flower. I didn't make a note of what it is.

I'm loving my "freedom". As much as I love teaching and working with students, it is such a pleasure to "meander" through the day.

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Jacki Long said...

Loving that magical camera, Jan! ♥♥♥