Sunday, August 28, 2016

Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival

My bestie and I made our annual visit to the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival. Each year we wander up and down the aisles and get lost in the maze. Most years we see the same vendors and crafts/art. This year there were some changes which made for a more interesting visit. I brought my big girl camera with me so I was easily entertained :-).  There are no photos of art allowed, but the grounds provide plenty of photo inspiration.

An inner city group of school kids performed. Very cool!

And next door at the Art-A-Faire, lunch at Tivoli Too ... a beautiful spot.

As always, a fun day and time with my "BFF".
Next ... a close up of some of the plants.

1 comment:

Jacki Long said...

Great shots, Jan! Love that camera! ♥♥♥
I recognized the scenery. I had really good luck asking the artists if I could photograph them with their art. No one said no,IN FACT THEY SEEMED SO PLEASED.