Thursday, July 07, 2016

Collage for a Cause

The Huntington Beach Art Center sponsored a collage class where you make 2 collages, one to be donated to raise money for Build Futures organization

I haven't worked in collage for a while and enjoyed it. Here are my two pieces.

Wildflowers (donated)

Nature Matters
Poor photos (glare and bad angle) ... but you get the picture. It was a fun way to spend a summer afternoon.


Wendy Watson said...

What a lovely idea . . . all the fun of working alondside others and then knowing that you've contributed to something. I've just started delving into collage and I'm enjoying it much to my surprise.

Jan Jackson said...

Wendy, thanks for leaving a comment. I've worked in collage in the past but not recently. This class got me interested again.

Jacki Long said...

Great idea, haven't heard of that before?