Saturday, September 19, 2015

My journey on the digi art trail

OK, so I've become an official "hoarder" of digital supplies. Just as I have acquired lots of "real" paints and papers and fabric and beads and embellishments, I've also acquired a LOT of digital materials. Unlike "real" stuff that can get "used up", digi stuff never does. No, it actually grows, multiplies. One piece of paper can yield numerous results, Change color, warp it, distort it, doodle on it, blend it, filter it ... endless possibilities.

 add doodles to this one piece of paper and you'll get more possibilities ...

 Take one painted paper ...
scan it in and play with it ...

endless possibilities!
Then there are buttons and paper flowers ... the "real" ones get used up (if we actually use them rather than hoard them). The digital one just keep on giving ...

It's an amazing way of arting. Yes, I do enjoy making digi art. A lot. And I get pleasure looking at the printed piece. But not as much pleasure as looking at my "real" art. No texture. No stitching. No beading or buttons or stuff to touch. Being a visual/tactile person, there is only so much pleasure I can get from the printed products.

So I cannot give up "real" art, working with "real" supplies - paint, paper, fabric, beads, stitching, buttons, epherema.

The most pleasure is the digi scrapping. Artsy documentation of life. I've never been a scrapbooker in the traditional sense. My scrappy journals have served to satisfy my desire to capture and record life and do so in a funky style. Even with digi scrapping, I find the artsy pieces so much more interesting than the traditional pieces. More fun to create. More interesting to view.

"traditional" scrapbook page
artsy scrapbook page
The other area that has attracted me is art journaling. I've never quite found a style that speaks to me. But I do find myself able to relay thoughts or feelings through this medium.

digital painting and collaged clip art
This has been and remains a very interesting journey. Each day I play with my digi supplies. I don't do that with my "real" ones that have to be gotten out, used and put away. Each day I learn something new, which for a technique junkie, is highly motivating and satisfying. Definitely keeps me on the trail.

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Wendy Watson said...

I realised it's been an age since I've visited so I scrolled right down to the bottom of the page and here it is . . . the truth about art-dabblers, us people who depite our years still haven't settled, and aren't like to settle, on just one thing (even for a day). Hoarding supplies! I don't do digi-art because I already have a problem with too many pies and not enough fingers so I figure if I avoid starting I might be safe from yet another hoard . . . I have too many already. All those supplies that I bought and have hardly touched. Maybe I should do something similar to what a friend has done to her wardrobe and put a time deadline for use on each item. Nah, it'd never work.