Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Scrappy Leftovers

This book was born out of an attempt to use up my stash of papers and junk and supplies, and my love of making and working in book form. It is a true “scrappy journal” in that nothing inside it is “new”.  The cover is a cereal box, covered with drop paper (paper used under painting projects) sealed with glossy collage pauge mixed with red glitter. I added a paper flower and two strips of ribbon to the front, and stitched hearts of the same drop paper to the back. There are four signatures, sewn in with hemp twine, using a simple long stitch. Approximately 138 pages/surfaces are available to use.

While I won’t journal in this book, the papers and vignettes will be documentation of life lived. Junk mail, stamps, stickers from fruit, product and food packaging … things that would normally be thrown away. They are repurposed here to create an interesting form of art. The book is meant to be interacted with … lots of pockets and tuck spots invite the viewer to lift and pull, perhaps turn the book around. I invite anyone who views this book to dig into their purse or pocket and offer any junk they find, thereby being a collaborator in this project. 

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