Thursday, July 30, 2015

Happy Days Journal

Here is a composition book journal. The scrapbook papers are all summer themed, hence the name of the book. Here is the description and some photos.

Face it. You have lots of cool photos, on your phone or in your camera. Right? This book is meant to bring those photos and summer memories to life. Get them printed, put them in this book, and “document” (journal) these moments. Life, especially in the summer, is beautiful and filled with opportunities to capture. Create a keepsake album, a book you will love to return to and pass on to your children.

Composition book. 100 pages plus foldouts, pockets, and envelopes. Scrapbook papers and a manila envelope attached to the inside back pocket to store memorabilia. Some pages are inked. There is lots of room for you to add photos, notes, memorabilia, ephemera, and your own artwork.

$25.00 (listed on my Etsy shop)

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