Wednesday, June 10, 2015

One Page Wonders

I'm taking a class with Kiala Givehand. We are making books from one sheet of paper. I'm taking the class because Kiala is a wiz at bookmaking and her videos are good quality. 

This is the first book, an "X" book or 6-page book. You can choose to glue pages to create a book like this or you can leave pages unglued. I wanted to show the back of the paper so I created pockets by just gluing sides and using my circle punch.

For content, I added small photos of flowers and call it "Small Wonders". I also rounded the corners which adds a nice touch. It's quite small 2 3/4 by 4 1/4. Not sure what I'll add to the pockets, perhaps quotes about flowers tucked inside. I'm not happy with the title on the cover (don't like the black on the dark green) ... so I'll be switching that out.

Kiala is not only teaching book structure but also teaching a variety of paper "decoration" techniques. This is using tulip fabric paint to create a sort of "tie dyed" effect. 

Taking this class supports one of my 2015 art goals - to make 50 books. Having a lot of fun with this!

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Wendy Watson said...

What a brave goal! When the 50 are made I bet you'll have an amazing range of books. This one is delightful . . . I love pockets and pop ups!