Thursday, April 09, 2015

To blog or not to blog

That is the question. Following the theme of "letting go of what no longer serves me", I'm wondering if this blog serves me.

I started writing this blog July 2006 (370 posts) to show postcards I was mailing off to FiberArt for a Cause. Throughout, I've talked about my creative process and shown my art. I've also shown travel photos and photos from my day/life. 

One of my goals for this year is to show my art more. This blog is an obvious place to do that. 

I also am re-thinking my art ... looking back to where I've been. Looking ahead ... where do I want to go artistically/creatively? This blog helps me do this ... it's all recorded (easier than sifting through years of written journals!)

I need to "store" my art online. I have a Flickr account for that ... but it is easier to write about art here on the blog. Plus, not everything I post here (like recent photos about Journaling by 5s) are uploaded to Flickr. So the blog serves the purpose of "documenting my creative process".

I do not see this blog as my "real journal". I keep a morning pages journal practice and don't feel the need to process life things here.

Rarely do I get a comment, even though the statistics show viewers. So that begs the question, am I blogging for me or for others? Or both? 

I've thought, throughout the process of keeping this blog, that perhaps my "musings" could resonate with others and perhaps inspire others. It's part of my educational perspective to share thoughts of my creative practice and process. Some blogs get lots of comments, all the time; while others don't. But the writer keeps on blogging. 

Okay ... so it looks like the blog does continue to serve me. Perhaps I'll re-commit to it.


Wendy Watson said...

I'm catching up (love the onions) and could have written this and the previous post! I've done a lot of thinking about the time I spend looking and not doing, about whether to keep up with my blog and, having gone back to my reason for starting it in the first place, have come to the same conclusion . . . keep going. Maybe some newly retired person with some skills and aptitude, a love for art, a dabbler like myself will come across it and say "If she can I can."

I started it to write some reflections on what I do, observations about life, although not too intimate, and to record the changes post 'liberation' from the work-force.

I do it for me . . . but hopefully others will benefit.

Does you blog have a "like" option? It's a nice acknowledgement that can be made when you don't want to leave a comment.

Jan Jackson said...

Wendy, I don't see a "like" option anywhere. I'll keep looking.

Wendy Watson said...

It might be something that Blogger doesn't offer Jan.