Thursday, March 26, 2015

Journaling by 5s latest

So, I finished the first round and decided to do the facing pages as round #2. What I mean by finished is, I did a little marker work for step 5 ... nothing special or significant. I'm definitely not pleased with the pages as they stand. However, I have a "plan" for facing pages so I won't do the "extra" finishing touches on these just yet.

Step #1 Paint - liquid watercolor and neon sprays. Step #2 Collage - napkins and tissue papers. And here is where I went terribly wrong. I put deli paper between the pages as I worked - pages that were wet with glue. 

Lesson learned: deli paper sticks! Really sticks.

So now, not only do I have a bunch of ugly first round pages ... I also have messy ugly 2nd round pages. They were not helped much with Step #3 stamps (no stencils). I'm considering ditching the project. However, that is my modus operendi. And because I'd like to at least try and salvage this book ... I'll proceed to Step #4. I've printed my focal "images" and am ready to go.

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