Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Journal by 5s, steps 3 and 4

Step 3 Stamp and Stencil. I somewhat enjoyed it; however really felt time constrained. I mostly used stamps with ink pads. On a few pages I used gesso through stencils. When finished, I fought the urge to go back through with a 2nd round, and forged ahead. After each session I've gone back and dried the pages and glued down anything that needed it. 

I think I "cheated" on Step 4 Imagery and Text. I went through a large stash and cut out more than I would need. Then I stuck the focal image in the page it would go (this took about 10 minutes). I also cut out lots of words but didn't place them ahead of time. So when I set the timer I had my glue stick ready which I used to adhere things quickly. On a couple of pages I switched images but pretty much went with the first layout.  After I got all the images partially adhered, I went back and added phrases or words. I got through the 18 pages in the 15 minute timeframe.

Then I spent time glueing things with a watered down Elmer's glue. I'd used that with step 2. The difference is that in this step, I was using magazine images and words. The wet glue made for lots of wrinkles! About halfway through I switched to soft gel medium which caused less wrinkling. I'm not pleased with the wrinkling and therefore would change this step to basically take 15 minutes to place images on the page, not adhere them. 

Some pages are beginning to take on meaning. Most, however, are open to more. Next step is details with pen, pencil, markers. 

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