Friday, January 30, 2015


Recently, I've been thinking about authenticity, the question of "What is the most authentic work I could be doing?" 

Authentic: Real. From the heart. What art do I love? What art is "real"? Of all the art I create, what is most authentic?

This is what I love to create:

- photography
- making journals/books
- painting backgrounds
- colorful creative doodles
- digital painting, collage, art journaling
- fabric art quilts

I've always thought of my art quilts as "real art" - I suppose because it is hung on the wall. I've considered art journaling or painting in a journal creative but not "real" ... perhaps because it isn't hung on a wall. I realize that is not valid; art in a book is just as "real" as art to be hung on a wall. Yet ... this has been my mindset for a long time.

I'm reconsidering this now, especially with my new fascination with digital art. I like the word "authentic" which seems more inclusive than "real". I like the questions I've raised and am considering.

Authentic art comes from the heart. It is something within me that wants/needs to be expressed.

I consider the digital collage below to be authentic because

  • it's original
  • it's a theme that has surfaced in my art for years
  • it's a stretch - first time to do this kind of collage
  • it comes from the heart

This is an interesting place to be. I'd love to hear what you think.

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Wendy Watson said...

So much of what you write is true for me as well Jan. For me, what I'm thinking is that what I create begins with the inspiration of other artist's work and only when it have moved on, when I have developed my own ideas that arise as I work, only then can I call it authentic.

I'm begining to work out where I'm going but like you, again, I enjoy so many different ways of expressing my creative self. Although I somethimes think I'm in danger of dabbling here and there and not really exploring deeply, I'm beginning to apply myself more and try to limit how many things I work on at a time.