Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Digi Art

As I wrap up 2014 and enjoying these peaceful quiet days, I spend my time learning and playing with digital collage and scrapbooking. I see a lot of this in 2015!
She Dared to Dream: Digital collage

For this one, I created a digital scrapbook template with a commercial background and added papers of my own art.
The Earth Laughs: Digital Collage
This one was created with a PSE background and papers and shapes from my own art papers. The photo of Raphael's La Fornarina, source unknown. One of the layers is a letter my father wrote to my mother while they were dating. She was away for the summer and he wrote of how he missed her and couldn't wait to see her again. Hence the title of the piece.
She Dreams of His Return: Digital Collage
This final piece is sized to print and add to my 2015 visual journal. I set the intention for the year. Papers are from my art papers. The butterfly is from a collage sheet, source unknown. (If I'm to do this, I really need to save the source of these so I can give credit!)
Soar: Digital Collage
Happy New Year! Even though I don't get comments, this blog is my way of documenting my art and creative process. So for those who view it ... thanks for stopping by. I hope I inspire you to make art!


Wendy Watson said...

Happy New Yaer Jan. The digital work looks great with the mix of papers (your's and commercial). Somehow it's one of those things I'm content to leave to others to explore. And looking back in you blog I see you bought a little binding machine . . . me too! I have yet to use it as I seem to be dabbling with other bindings and general messing around.

Your video is most impressive. What a lot you've done . . . so many books! Wonderful!

Jan Jackson said...

Wendy, thanks for the comment. I, like you, explore various avenues in art. As I look back, I begin to see what I'm attracted to and what I will "leave to others to explore". This journey is so interesting.