Thursday, September 04, 2014

Flaps and Folds

I just finished a book inspired by LK Ludwig's The Big Time Book. While I didn't use this binding (because of the complexity of the folded pages), I did create folded pages in 8 of the 10 signatures. Some pages have one folded flap, some two. Two signatures are full page sheets that are folded "up and around" creating many different ways to view the pages.

painted papers: bristol paper colored with acrylic paint and spray inks, texturized with drops of rubbing alcohol
trifold pages 5 x 7
trifold with a flap (paper was 17" so there was 2" extra)
full sheet folded in half and thirds with one section removed for interesting folding within book 
full sheet with no sections removed - shows a variety of folds
rubbing alcohol added to sprayed inks
The cover is a cardboard box cut to size and covered with scrapbook paper. Hand bound using sewn tape binding with waxed linen.
tapes were glued on and also sewn on. buttons were added to front cover tapes before glueing.
colorful backgrounds
A couple of things I'd do differently. I hadn't planned to glue the front and back pages to the covers. However after binding, that seemed necessary to increase stability (there was a large gap between the covers and first/last pages.) In doing so, I lost two "pretty" pages. Next time I'd just have the front and back covers plain. Also, the first folio is a folded one ... next time I'd make it a single spread like the back one.

I love this book! I can't wait to use it. My (current) intention is to use it for altered photos. I'm taking a class at the local adult school in Photoshop Elements 12. I'm also interested in doing some hand manipulation of photos.

I'm off to class! Back to School for my granddaughter and me. She's entering 5th grade. She looks way too grown up in this outfit!


Wendy Watson said...

I love the journals you've been making . . . I'm still wondering about the chain stitch one and think I have it worked out in my head. Have you made a special one to use while you're on your trip?

I swear grandchildren grow up faster than their parents did . . . or is it that time has gone askew for us?

Jan Jackson said...

Wendy, I'm thoroughly enjoying this book making kick I'm on. I made a travel journal for our cruise - posted it a couple of posts back. I think time keeps on re-inventing itself as we go through different eras of our lives!

Wendy Watson said...

Ah yes, the fabulous chain stitch one! I was blinded by the images!

And isn't it wonderful to just give yourself over to something? I'm loving the time I'm able to spend weaving. The day before yesterday I worked for 6 hours with a short bathroom and food break! When basis body functions are regarded as a nuisance, you know you're the right thing.