Friday, July 04, 2014

Travel Journal

I recently visited the East Coast and made this travel journal to hold memories. 

I used a Pennsylvania/New Jersey map to create an accordion style book, folding the bottom to create pockets.

The pockets contain photos and ephemera. Some photos have journaling on the back. Washi tape reinforces the borders of each spread. I wouldn't use a map again as it's too light weight.

I love how interactive the book is. However I watched my husband "read" it, holding it in his hands like a real book. It was not "natural" for him to pull things out of the pockets. My daughter, on the other hand, immediately laid it on her lap and knew how to "read" it. It's always interesting to observe others open and "read" books that are interactive.

The cover is a heavy piece of scrapbook paper. There is a sheen that you can't see here. I glued the front and back "pages" to the cover, so it doesn't really open as an accordion.

A bead from my stash and waxed linen creates the closure. I really like the way it turned out. It's a fun structure to capture memories. Thanks to Kiala Givehand and her BIAD series for the inspiration.

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