Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sorting, sorting, sorting

Recently, I've been struggling with something ... what kind of art do I really want to do? It all started a few weeks (months?) back when I began to sort my art room. I removed all the piles of things on top of surfaces and on the floor ... removed them to our guest room. That led to sorting drawers, paper and fabric. Okay ... progress. Empty art table, sorted drawers. Now what. 

Since that initial burst of energy, slowly projects have been brought back into the space. Projects that seem interesting for a day or two. Then something else catches my fancy ... and I'm off in search of stuff in the other room to bring back. Currently my art space has six projects in various stages. Once again, all the stuff mingles (paint, fabric, beads, unfinished books) ... mingles to create a visual chaos. Once again, I make an item on my "to do" list to clear it all off.

Last week I had an idea ... only have one (maximum two) project out at once. Pick something to do and do it for the week. Try not to be distracted (which means stay off the computer where I'm constantly inspired!). Try to make progress with this one (or two) projects. Try to keep in mind that I can always do something else next week.

So today, I'll be selected my projects. My 2nd half 2014 planner which I'm making and one other - not sure which of the remaining 5 I'll choose. The rest will be moved to the guest room. 

Yesterday, my inner mentor sent me a strong message. Seek art projects that bring me joy, make me happy. Do those. Only do those. Let the rest go (ya know, all those things that other people do that inspire me but don't fulfill me). My inner mentor suggests that if I only work on things that bring me joy, I will actually find that inner voice that I've sought for years (and have written about before).

So, in thinking about this, these are 10 art projects that bring me joy:

  1. Creative doodles
  2. Using these to create greeting cards
  3. Making scrappy journals; bookbinding
  4. Visual documenting my life (in my scrappy journals)
  5. Fabric collage - creating art quilts
  6. Hand stitching and beading
  7. Creating background pages; decorating with everyday stuff (sometimes used in #3)
  8. Playing with photos
  9. Creating postcards with these altered photos
  10. Funky fibers - knitting, weaving
That's still a large list ... but it's a place to start as I continue this journey (and as I sort through the piles that have gathered throughout the last few years.)

"Creativity is a pathway to personal and spiritual growth"
~ Janice Elsheimer

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Wendy Watson said...

And now that I've caught up on you last few entries I realise 2 things.
1. I have some unbound books almost ready to go.
2. I have almost finished my 40 minutes computer time.
It seems to me that a major focus is a good thing . . . and then a few other things can be done on the side, like finishing my grandheart's jersey before winter leaves us . . . chance would be a fine thing!
I have now subscribed so as not to miss anything later today!