Saturday, June 21, 2014


Following along with Roben Marie Smith creating art using Kiala Givehand's Inspiration Deck, I created the following art journal page. This was really fun. I stopped at 20 items:

1. Add collage.  2. Add acrylic paint.  3. Create and use shapes from old book pages.  4. Add a tag, label or envelope.  5. Doodle.  6. Write with paint brush and india ink or paint.  7. Add a photo.  8. Doodle or draw random shapes. 9. Add acrylic paint.  10. Add washi, tissue or masking tape.  11. Use stickers.  12. Use your favorite rubber stamp.  13. Add ephemera. 14. Add acrylic paint. 15. Draw something. 16. Write something with your non-dominant hand. 17. Add paint using something other than a paint brush.  18. Add numbers.  19. Use black gesso or paint to cover something up. 20. Add doodles or text using a white pen or marker.

 This page was created on a background page with excess paint and tape and collage. It was inspired by Diana Trout. I'm thinking of taking her Wildflowers class (even though I promised myself I'd not take any more classes or buy any more books ... until I've worked my way through the classes and books I already have.)
Clearly I have flowers on my mind
Working my way into summer with lots of projects going on.

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