Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Flowers

This is what I've been up to ...
Happy Flowers I
These started as a black and white composition exercise ... several years ago. Just black lines on white background.
Happy Flowers II
 I decided they called for flower shapes. So I used the flowers you buy to make arrangements, took them apart and combined with fused fabric petal and round shapes.
Happy Flowers III
This one was a variety of black/white fabrics fused to black background. They all were stitched to craft felt which, after hand stitching, was backed by red craft felt. They both provided borders. They are approximately 8" x 10".

For all, I added buttons and beads and sequins. They were all heavily hand-stitched (I believe you can click on each to see details). I love the process of hand stitching ... quite meditative.

I'm thinking of listing them for sale. I'm also thinking of submitting them to a local exhibit. Both (pricing and exhibit opportunities) will take some research. In the meantime, I'm hanging them up so I can enjoy them. They make me happy! I hope they bring a smile to you.

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