Wednesday, January 08, 2014

playing with fabric and stitches and beads

I was inspired by Jane LaFazio's recycled circles and decided to give it a try. Her DVD is very clear and helpful. Jane is a great instructor.

Circle Connections 1
#1 was a "pilot test" and a great provider of lessons. For example, cut more than one square block of each fabric to accommodate enough for the 4 squares. Use a more neutral background. I used machine stitching to connect the background fabric to the batting, but was unsuccessful in creating circles. The resulting lines are distracting. I fused the extra circles before machine stitching, which means I had to remove them and replace them. I did too much machine stitching and didn't have enough room for hand stitching and beading. The biggest lesson was I didn't like the busy patterned fabrics. This piece turned out way to busy for me! But it was a great test piece.

Circle connections 2
Oh, I like this one much better! Most of the fabrics were in a package of fat quarters, so they naturally go together. I added two other fabrics to that stash, making 7 fabrics for the arcs. I hand stitched the background to the batting with circles in a matching thread. That created the neutral background that I wanted. I used some of the embroidery stitches on my machine which added a nice texture. Hand stitching, sequins and beads add the element of "touch-ability" that I so love in art quilts. I really like the shine" from the beads and sequins and gold thread (which do not show up well on the photo). I satin stitched the edge and then couched black yarn as a border. The piece is 9.5 x 9.5 and I'm going to attach it to a 10" square canvas. 

I already have ideas for variations on this theme. And I'm quite happy to be starting 2014 off with a return to working with fabric, yarn and fibers!

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Wendy @ the Late Start Studio said...

Hi Jan, I've just been catching up on your activities . . . wonderful! The colours are stunning. As for the circles, I went off in a rush of enthusiasm and got a copy of the magazine when Jane's recycled circles and haven't made any! And I love your #1. Right now I'm making some little notebooks . . . more on that next week!