Saturday, November 23, 2013

Return to Fiber Art

I'm so excited! I've returned to fiber arts! This past year and a half has been an interesting journey. 

When I was working, my mantra was "If I only had time." And in my old house, my "art studio" was the dining table and kitchen counter. So there was also the mantra "If I only had more space".

Well we moved to a house where I have a large space for art. And I've filled it with all kinds of art supplies. I have the space and the art supplies. Yet no "real art".

And I retired from full-time teaching. So I have plenty of time. Yet no "real art".

"Real art" for me is art I can hang on the wall. Not everyone would agree with that. The books I make are "arty" and creative ... but they just don't feel like "real art" like my quilted wall hangings.

These feel like real art. To me. Both of these were created in little space and little time (low resources). When I moved to my new house with the art room, I hung a few unfinished art quilts on the "design wall". That was over two years ago. They have not been touched. Everyday I'd look at them and think, "I really should finish them." Nothing. 

Then two things happened. I signed up to teach two classes (which equates to almost full time work). And I went to a craft show. 

At the craft show, I saw yummy yarns. And silk sari remnants. I was reminded of my desire to create a fiber wall hanging. I've had that desire for a long time, yet never fully pursued it. When I returned home I pulled out my yarn box and was immediately inspired.

So ... here I am,  fully and happily immersed in this project. Somehow I have found the time and energy to create! 

Here is my project right now. It's in the "Ugly Teenage Stage".

I hate it. I'm ready to scrap it. Too much color ... too disjointed ... not at all how I'd imagined. But I'll keep on with it and allow it to get to the next stage. 

Even with hating it ... I'm loving being back into knitting and working with yarns and fibers. I've even knitted with fabric (ripped up some scarves I no longer use). 

I have a vision of adding scraps of sheers and sequins and small beads. Have no idea yet how to hang it (friends told me they like the knitting needles). 

It will emerge ... as I have emerged back into fiber arts.

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Wendy @ the Late Start Studio said...

Ugly ducklings become swans Jan! when you have a picture in your head it's hard though because the early stages are sometimes tricky.

The school year finishes for me in a couple of weeks so I'll be making some little books over my lovely long 6 week summer holidays. ;) I'll be in touch!