Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Week on the French Riviera #3

The other day trip was to Monaco and Monte Carlo. This was truly a "pinch me" day!

The day was bright and sunny after a day of rain. We took bus #100 in the opposite direction to Nice - the views were worth the trip. These bus drivers really know how to maneuver these narrow windy roads. 

We disembarked at Place D'Armes and headed to the square with a farmer's market in progress. We stopped for deux cafĂ© amĂ©ricain, watching people greet each other - clearly this is a place where locals gather. 

Fortified, we climbed a very long way up to Monaco Ville. We arrived just at the change of guards at the palace. Unfortunately I didn't get good photos because of the crowds - many many tourist groups! It was exciting to watch, reminding me of the changing of guards at Westminster Palace, just as formal, but on a smaller scale.
A very long climb!

The streets were very very crowded.

We made our way to St. Nicholas Cathedral, where Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier.

And where they are buried.

I was ten at the time of their wedding. She, a girl from Philadelphia (as am I), marrying a prince from a (very) foreign place, was a young girl's dream. And here I was, in the very place where that wedding took place. Pinch me!

We took the #2 bus past the harbor into Monte Carlo. We chose to eat at Cafe de Paris, directly in front of the casino. We both had Salad Paris - egg, mushrooms, olives, tomato  feta cheese, and bread stick.

George also ordered minestrone soup - the most expensive minestrone soup he will undoubtedly ever have. 18 euro which equates to approximately $24.00! And, he said it was not the best he's had.

I didn't go inside the casino because they wanted me to immediately check my bag and camera, which I wasn't willing to do. George did go in the lobby a take a peek around.

We walked around to the back of the casino looking for marble and gold paved streets which George remembered from before ... well let's say 60 years ago! They've been paved over with concrete now. Barricades were in place for the Formula 1 and upcoming Grand Prix.

One final look at Monaco/Monte Carlo ...

George calls it the modern pueblo.

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