Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Week in Paris #1

We just returned from two glorious weeks in France. Week 1 was in Paris and Week 2, the French Riviera or Cote D'Azur. I want to share a few of my (hundreds of) photos and will do so over a series of blog posts over the next few days. Sorting through the photos and determining what to print for my travel journal and what to blog and simply which need to be uploaded to a website is going to take time. And I'm still moving pretty slowly ... I didn't experience jet lag there, thankfully, but it's kicked me in the behind since returning.
View from the windows. Even though the apartment was on a lively street, our apartment was very quiet because it faced a courtyard.
It was our first time renting an apartment. Hours of research - which arrondissement (Marais or St. Germain), reading hundreds of reviews, comfort level, etc - paid off and we stayed in a lovely apartment on Rue de Seine close to Rue de Buci in the 6th arrondissement. A very lively area, central to everything. We rented through VRBO and had a great experience with the owner who lives in New York and her Paris manager who took great care of us. I loved having the space to spread out, using the dining table for my "travel journal station", having a separate bedroom to accommodate my early morning and my husband's late evening routine. It was a great place to retreat to at the end of the day and we ate all breakfast in. I figure we saved $25.00 a day on coffee alone!

le quartier

 Street filled with vendors selling fruits and veggies and cheese and bread - everything you need for a good french meal
 Street musicians were all around Paris. This woman was dancing with an imaginary partner. She was a hoot!
Typical evening scene. People were out visiting with friends and enjoying the warm evening.

une courte promenade
We were a short walk to la seine and pont des arts ...

 where there were musicians
 he put his heart and soul into these pipes
 the bateaux were filled on this beautiful Sunday afternoon
Padlocks are placed on this bridge by lovers who throw the keys into the Seine. Fascinating!

That's enough for this post! Hope you enjoy a little armchair traveling.

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