Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 Art Goals

Here is a list of art/creative things I'd like to accomplish this year:

  1. Return to art quilts ... there are many unfinished pieces to work with
  2. Make lots of journals/books and find homes for them
  3. Explore a variety of visual journaling styles - really play with it
  4. Continue creative doodle art, which for me includes zentangles and mandalas
  5. Dive deeper into abstract collage ... make lots and have fun with it
  6. Return to beading (along with #1)
  7. Become comfortable with sharing my art with others
  8. Learn Photoshop and explore digital collage
  9. Creativity Playdates (ala Julia Cameron time out) ... with friends and alone
  10. Less blog viewing ... more art making
  11. Less buying new supplies ... more using what I have already stashed!
I haven't decided about my blog and how I wish to use it (or even if it wish to continue it). I think I'll let that unfold. I need to figure out why I blog ... for whom ... and the value it adds to my creative process.

Hope you have a creative day!


Wendy @ the Late Start Studio said...

All I can say is "DITTO" yet here I am visiting a few kindred spirits.

The only thing I'd add is: return to blogging.

All the best for 2013 to you.

Jan said...

Thanks, Wendy.