Thursday, October 11, 2012

Interesting Turns in Arting

This painting was inspired by Diana Trout.
Reckless Abandon
Here is how it evolved ...
the background was an "off paint" page (paint monoprinted from another page).

 collage materials were randomly pulled and glued down. 

 a layer of gesso (actually way too much gesso was put down and I had to pull a lot off. I was trying to keep the leg in the left corner and the vessel/urn in the lower right corner. I also wanted to keep the gazebo in the center. Still didn't have any "theme" in mind.

 paint was smooshed with credit card and smoothed with a brush

 I added red tissue paper and a paper napkin. Voila, a theme emerged. The red tissue reminded me of an umbrella. Walking in the rain in Paris ... Hence the journaling:

Make art with reckless abandon but don't search for treasures in Paris without an umbrella and a good pair of walking shoes.
This was a fun exercise in collage and paint with no determined purpose and with reckless abandon.

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