Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Artist's Date

Yesterday I took myself on an Artist's Date to Bolsa Chica Conservancy ... just me and my camera. Here is some of what I saw and heard ...

 Sea birds (can't identify them). There were lots of babies around also chattering softly.
 This must be where the sea gulls hang out when they're not across the street at the beach foraging for human food
A warning sign for us humans
 a wee bit of color
silent, peaceful beauty
I couldn't capture it with my camera ... but a pelican made a splendiforous (isn't that a great word!) landing for his small audience. It was like a one-plane air show.

Then I went to the beach ... just because I could ...and saw and wondered and felt...

a slightly mutilated mussel
 more sea birds (I must identify these!)
 Wondered what this ship is bringing to our shores and from where
 Wondered why these kids weren't in school
 signs of winter at the beach
I felt incredible peace listening to this
And this morning I wrote this ...
The fact that I can spend a few hours like this, on a Tuesday, is such a blessing. I know I've worked hard all these years and I deserve this, however the reality that I can spend a day like this is strange. It's like someone else's life ... those women who have money and don't have to work ... the one's I've been slightly jealous of. And now, I'm there! I have to pinch myself to believe it. I just keep returning to the knowledge of how blessed I am. And the idea that THIS is what FREEDOM feels like - that thing I've waited for and yearned for. Freedom. To spend my days pursuing whatever path I choose. DELIGHTFUL.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...I left an answer to your comment over there but didn't know if you would be notified. It is fun to see you pictures...California beaches really are so beautiful...