Sunday, September 30, 2012

Evolution of a Painting

I'm really enjoying myself with this 21 Secrets workshops. I've sort of lost track of which workshop is influencing me as I paint. The ones I've taken so far: Flow, Intuitive Painted Layers, 15 Minutes to Sanity, and Journal Quest, are similar in that you start with a painted background and "excavate" (Tracie Hanson's term) for shapes and symbols. It feels like intuitive painting as I go from stage to stage of a painting. Here is an example:

I started with journaling. I used a cool color pallet and scrapped paint onto the paper. With pencil, I began "excavate" and outline shapes. I immediately saw human shapes; probably influenced by my journaling. 

 Perhaps this wasn't as "intuitive" as it could have been. However, I was quite pleased to find these shapes.

I then painted the shapes and then the negative space. For some reason, I was drawn to paint one shape my favorite turquoise - it's heavy body so quite dark. But something told me to leave it. I thought the shape about "her" was the mentor so I drew in a face shape and hair. Doing that, she somehow seemed to lose power. I left it overnight, not knowing where I'd go with it.

When I returned to it I saw the need to erase the face and hair. I then saw the "mentor" in the lower left corner. She looks like a woman in prayer. Following my instinct (intuition), I added gold glitter to the shape around the dark "head". I also added gold symbols and lines around the edges of the painting. 
I've named it "Ancient Voices" as that was the CD I was listening to and it seems to fit. I'm not sure if I'll do any more to this, like filling in the spaces with doodles or details ... for now it seems complete.


An'Angelia Thompson said...

I enjoyed seeing your process, Jan, and I often journal in this fashion. I rarely go back to "finish" anything as I tend to feel that the moment is gone.

Jan said...

Thanks, Angelia. I'm using a process that I haven't done before with these paintings. I've removed the pages from the spiral binding and working on each page individually. I have an "interactive" thing going on with each one, so I'm going back and forth with several at a time. It is really freeing to me to work in this intuitive fashion. However it also opens up the never ending question, "Is this one finished?"