Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Art versus Craft, Part 3

Artists Who Inspire Me

Thanks to the internet, I am inspired daily by many many artists. Here are a few who have inspired me through viewing their art, taking classes in person or online or reading their books, or simply feeling a connection to.

Kelly Kilmer because of her ability to produce page after page and book after book of visual journaling. Her pages/books reflect who she is at the moment, producing a chronological visual journey through her life. I admire that she shares with her students (class and blog readers) so much that is personal. Here is a journal page inspired by Kelly.

Hot or Cold
Jane Davies. I love collage. I have done many exercises from Jane's book Collage Journeys. And I've taken two online courses with her and find her to be a great instructor. I love the expressionism of her mixed media art. Here is a piece inspired by Jane, completed in her Compositions online course:

Odile Nicolette is also a mixed media artist. I love the color and depth and imagery of her work. Odile's classes incorporate the expressive arts, which I love. Here is a piece inspired by Odile:
Lesley Riley. I've also taken a few classes with Lesley. I love fabric and Lesley introduced me to painting and staining commercial fabric. I've created a few books under the guidance of her books, Fabric Memory Books and Quilted Memories. Here is a piece inspired by Lesley:
Susan Sorrell. I love the color and playfulness of Susan's art. Taking an online class with her, I combined fabric and beading and loved it! Here is a piece inspired by Susan:
Music Maker
Sonji Hunt. I love the color and texture and movement of Sonji's art. I purchased hand painted fabric from her and created this piece:

There are others. Writing this blog has reconnected me with art that I've made that I really connect with. Most of these pieces were done in 2006-2007!  It was around 2008 that I took on additional responsibilities at work and lost the time to play. In 2010 I was introduced to Mary Ann Moss' class Remains of the Day and have been making books ever since. Oh, I can't leave out Jill Berry with whom I took a class and made this book and several others.

This has been a fun journey looking back. Perhaps I've been shown the way to the future?

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Wendy @ the Late Start Studio said...

Thanks for introducing me to a couple of artists I haven't seen before Jan.