Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Art versus Craft, Part 2

OK, so back to this topic ... art versus craft. I think the construction of my books are both. Picking papers, embellishing the pages, creating the layout, designing and creating the cover ... this is art-y. The actual construction is more craft-y.

Filling the pages feels more of an expression of me.

In a way, I see them as pieces of art. Or, to be more accurate - "arty".

I think there's a middle category between art and craft - "Arty". My books are arty. They are not fine art. But they are creative. They do not get hung on a wall, nor will they be displayed in a gallery. But they are "arty". Yes ... that's the word.

When I refer to "real art", I think of art to be displayed. Art that could be given away or sold. Art that could go into a gallery. "Real art" is more than painting paper and cutting/folding it to create a book structure (even though it is pretty).

"Real art" takes time to create. And talent. The two pieces I sold at auction -- beaded fabric art -- took time, talent and creativity. And love. I loved those pieces. I loved creating them. And I loved the "product."

Next, I'll explore artist's who inspire me.

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