Monday, September 17, 2012

Art versus Craft, Part 1

As I await the "Real Art Muse" I must investigate this topic (really re-investigate it as I wrote about it here). When I read artist's statements, I am impressed with how art is an expression of feelings and self. Art is the expression of the inner soul. In expressive arts classes, I've practiced getting in touch with my inner voice before attempting to create something. I've even, in the past, lit a candle to honor the creative spirit that connects us ... prior to creating something.

What has happened for me is ... bookmaking. My books are arty and crafty. They are an expression of my desire to "record and document" my daily experience in a more creative way than just writing my morning pages. My visual journals do express my experience and my attempt to honor everyday.

They do not, however, express deep internal feelings. And that is where I struggle with visual journaling. For example, Kelly Kilmer's journals express "her."
That is what is missing for me ... the expression of "me." I need to return to the question: What is inside wanting to be expressed?
For example, if PEACE is so important to me ... how can I express it? I've done that in the past with this piece.
Peace Gathering
I need to reconnect with expressive art. I think that might be where the "Real Art Muse" resides. More on this topic to come ...


Kelly Kilmer said...

The more you work in your journals, push, pull, ask yourself questions, feel free and open to talk about anything that's on your mind, play, explore and experiment whatever you are searching for will start to come out. You can't compare what others do and beat yourself up over it. Keep working and your voice and what you want will start to come out. You are on the right path. :)

Jan said...

Kelly, thank you for your comments. It is always inspiring to read about your creative process, particularly how you have embraced the sadness you have felt with the loss of your father. You are so open with your journals, continually teaching even though not a formal class.