Sunday, June 10, 2012

Still in a Slump

This transition is getting me down. I thought, for years! that when I had time, I would make art, a LOT of art.

Yet I find myself lounging around on the porch, reading and napping. I'm napping a lot these days. I try to get energized to do something creative. Yesterday I pulled out all the unfinished visual journals laying around ...

There are a LOT of these! I looked at each of them and found a couple I might want to continue working/playing in ...

I'm simply not inspired to fill these books. This week the highlight was making a new art journal. But now I'm not sure what I'll "do" in it. This morning I have the idea to make a "summer journal" - whatever that means. I'll probably make it ... because at least I'll be creating something.

But when will I be inspired to work on my unfinished art quilts? I use the excuse that I haven't organized my space to work with fabric yet ... what does that mean anyway?

Days go by ... and I don't do anything. I know I'm in the "Neutral Zone", I recognize the signs. And I know (at least in my head) that that stage passes ... and a "New Beginning" begins. But in my heart, I'm disappointed that I'm not taking advantage of this time to create.

However, I must be kind to myself and not beat myself up over this. Besides, I teach a summer course starting in two weeks. Then I'll have the excuse "If only I had more time."


Wendy @ the Late Start Studio said...

You're right on track Jan, don't dispair! When did you last have this luxury of time to just be? Allow yourself to just dream and before long you'll be wondering how you ever fitted a working life in!

Loved the last post by the way - when the school holidays come I'm going to make some!

Jan said...

Thanks, Wendy. Time to dream is just as important as time to make art. That's a great reminder.