Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lazy Summer Day

Today I went to the library which has the added attraction of a park. So I wandered down towards the "lake" and found

the perfect bench with a view.

It's a lazy summer day. The ducks are slowly moving through the water

not in a rush, unconcerned with the people who pass by and sit a while and take their pictures.

Well fed,

 they don't even beg for food from the humans at this time of the year.

Well ... since you insist ...

Ah ... life is great in Central Park in Huntington Beach, California. I've always loved going to a body of water to write and think and just be. There is something about the stillness of the water that invites quiet reflection. It also invites a nap! Warm sun on my shoulders, peaceful sounds of the ripples as they move through the water, gentle breeze ... pretty hard to resist closing your eyes.

But I must resist ... I might miss something ...

Like these two lovelies grooming each other.
And here's my stash from the library. I'm particularly interested in The Art of Doing Nothing which I picked up for $1.50 along with the Georgia O'Keeffe book also for $1.50. I love reading about books others are reading and adding them to my list.

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