Sunday, May 06, 2012

A Little This A Little That

Well, I've had my first week of transition. I cleared out my office on Monday, piled bags and bags of books into the trunk of my car, books collected over 17 years, that are now at the local library. I went to lunch with friends (who gave me a gift card to Michaels - can't beat that!), turned in my laptop, closed the door to my office, and walked away. Didn't look back.

This little guy (or gal) sat quietly with me on the patio the day prior, when I experienced angst and doubt. S/he watched over me, reminding me to be calm and know that I'd made the right decision, that the timing was right.

My granddaughter showed up with a "retirement" gift for Grammi - her twinkle shoes! I've lusted after these since she got them. She's now outgrown them, and she gifted them to me. I am one lucky grandmother, yes? Of course I wore these on my last day of work!

Transition Tuesday started with this yummy smoothie:
1 apple
1 banana
handful of almonds
approx 1/4 cup bran cereal
big bunch of spinach
approx 1 cup soy milk
Really really good. A new habit is forming - smoothies for breakfast.

My first week was spent mostly doing paperwork, organizing stuff, trying to figure out health care plans, etc. Not exciting ... seemed like a week of work ... certainly not a week of leisure. When I dropped off the books at the library, I took some b/w photos of a line of trees that I find interesting. I took this photo with my "smart phone" which turned out to be not so smart - I can't figure out why some of the photos are so small, while others are larger. Well, that probably means the phone is smart, but the operator has a lot to learn :-).

I must say it feels "odd" to not have any "work" to do. I mean school work. There's plenty of work to do here this week:
1. Switch winter/summer clothes
2. Begin to organize my art space
3. Get the guest room ready for guests who arrive next week.
4. Organize my laptop (especially the gazillion photos!)
5. Make thank you cards
6. Contact someone to give me ideas about my yard
7. Contact a handyman - I have quite a list for him!
8. Text and Imagery class lessons

How did I ever find the time to work?

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Wendy said...

Oh bliss! I've gone back to work for a while - the bank account was unhappy and I don't quite qualify for a pension. Now, as the nights are drawing in and winter is just around the corner I'm thinking about last summer at the beach where I never wore a watch, did what I wanted when I felt like it and ate when I was hungry.
Welcome to your advancement! I doubt you're likely to retire from anything!