Sunday, April 22, 2012


know when to ...

The text of this journal page is about knowing when to stop eating. Know when you are full; know when you are satisfied; know when to stop.

The same applies to working. This is my final week as a full-time professor. My final week of employment. With the exception of time off for two kids and my dissertation (my third child), I've worked full-time since I was about 20. I'd planned to retire last December. My salary, however, kept me going. An additional 4 months of salary was going to make a difference, right? Well, it has and it hasn't. I'm in a slightly better place financially, but only slightly. 

Where I'm in a MUCH better place is KNOWING IT IS TIME. These four months have been a great time for reflection ... a time of renewed commitment to "extra curricular activities." I really wasn't ready in December and I told myself that the money was worth it. Well, I just received notice of a nice raise in salary and in the middle of the night, the nagging question raises it's ugly head - should I stay ... just a little while longer? Is working full-time really that bad? YES, it is! I KNOW now that it is time to stop. At least most of the time I feel confident that I know. 

I suppose it is only natural to question ... to wonder ... to doubt ... when making such a huge step. 

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Wendy said...

Knowing the right time for anything is so important - then there is a peace that accompanies the action. I was reading about the wisdom of knowing the right time for change just this morning.

All the best for your change of pace as you exchange work for some serious play!