Thursday, January 19, 2012

What will you do?

So, what will you "do"? (heavy emphasis on do). I've discovered that when you tell someone you are retiring, their first question is "So, what will you do?" Because it doesn't seem wise to say "whatever" or "nothing" ... I've made a list of things I intend to "do" starting May 1st.

1. Take walks
2. Sun bathe by the pool
3. Learn to swim (once the pool is heated)
4. Visit museums
5. Visit galleries
6. Learn yoga
7. Collect stones
8. Take my camera to the beach
9. Day trips
10. Photography classes
11. Learn photoshop
12. Organize my photos on my *new* laptop
13. Take naps in the sun (i.e., catnaps)
14. Read all the "O" magazines I have laying around
15. Read lots of books
16. Meet friends for coffee or lunch
17. Entertain friends
18. Journal in a coffee shop
19. Serve on the HOA board (somewhere down the road)
20. Write my "life story"
21. Return to geneology - learn more about my father's family
22. Make art - hopefully daily!
23. Organize my art supplies
24. Organize my computer files on my *new* laptop
25. Grow vegetables and flowers
26. Cook new foods
27. Fill up empty photo albums I have collected
28. Fill up art/visual journals
29. Complete the UFOs (unfinished objects of art)
30. Decorate seasonally
31. Teach (on occasion)
32. Read sufi poetry
33. Study buddhism
34. Travel
35. Organize my pantry
36. Visit farmers markets
37. Learn how to make a good cup of coffee!
38. Blog - redesign my blog; learn how to upload slideshows, etc.
39. Start a group focused on "Positive Aging"
40. Make new friends
41. Take more time with old friends
42. Organize my files
43. Take a ceramics class
44. Take online art classes and *do* the work
45. Go to the beach
46. Investigate educational travel
47. Creativity Playdates with friends
48. Art retreats (with friends and alone)
49. Learn to draw (maybe)
50. Just be!
Photo taken somewhere in Italy

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