Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Art Journaling: What is it to me?

I'm focused on art journaling ... in the continual search for my "artist voice." As I've mentioned before, I have a lot of journals in-progress. Rarely do I fill one up. There is something that draws me to the new one ... this one will be it. This one I will fill up ...

Traci Bautista asks  "What is Art Journaling To You?"
 Art Journaling is a visual representation of my life. I realize this more as I move away from using magazine images to my own photographs. I see it as a way to present visually what matters in my everday.

what do you collect for your art journal?
Everyday stuff tends to find it's way into my art journals. This page has used coffee filters and various items that were at hand.
This page of security envelops ... becomes a study of pattern.
is there a certain theme you gravitate towards?
I gravitate towards nature ... I find such beauty in flowers. I always seem to be trying to capture that beauty through my lens.
what are your favorite subjects and stories to write about?
I would like to develop the "story" in my art journal. That is another way to find my artist voice.
what do you draw or take photographs of?
 I am clearly lovin' the creative doodles. This is my latest. Reminds me of Picasso.
So ... what is art journaling to you?

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