Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Art versus craft

Sometimes I wonder if I've gone on this path of making journals to avoid "real art." Are these books that I create art or craft ... or perhaps both? When does craft become art? (This question assumes there is a hierarchy.)

The book structure and binding are simplistic ... I craft them.

The pages are arty when embellished with paint and/or collage. Collaging and piecing and quilting the cover is arty. So does that make them mixed media art?

"Funkiness" is art, yes? The scrappy journals are funky, not scrapbooks with perfectly designed layouts.

Scrapbooking is craft, yes? When does scrapbooking become art?

What, exactly, is art?


Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

funny, I have always sort of distained scrapbooking, and admired journaling . . . . then I read a comment somewhere that described journaling as "scrapbooking on drugs" and ever since, I have tried to have a more generous attitude - if anything creative heals us, then it is valuable, be it art or craft . . . . thanks for your thoughts.

sue said...

i've been seeing a lot lately about.. what is art? and what isn't?

to me art is something made..created, that you've put a piece of yourself into..be it drawing, painting, cooking, knitting, scrapbooking.. journaling......

and then theres.. what is good art..what is bad?

it's all down to the individuals opinion..choice...

i'd say your journals are art and craftmanship ;) beautiful creations.

Jan said...

Arty Em, thank you for pointing out the healing aspect of creativity. It is the act of creating that is of value.

Jan said...

Sue, I agree that art is in the eye of the beholder.

Wilde Woman said...

What do you want it to be, surely that's all that matters. Contentment with yourself solves so many things, too much of our lives is wasted by comparing and judging our efforts against others.

Perhaps too a new word is called for... crarty work? Why stop with mixing media? After all how are new words created?

Glad I came across your blog, I'll recommend it on mine which is about mental health issues.