Friday, July 09, 2010

In Search of the Perfect Journal

I've been giving a lot of thought recently to journals and journaling. Having become totally enamored with making Remains of the Day or what I call "scrappy" journals, I continue to be challenged with working (isn't playing a better word?) in the books I make. So this posting is to try and sort through different kinds of structures (Jill Berry says a book is only a structure until you put something in it) and how I interact with them.

Morning pages journal is a spiral-bound 65 lb paper sketchbook. I paint the pages with watered acryllic and liquid watercolor paints because I hate writing on blank white paper. When I have time or am inspired I add stuff to the pages - like images or leftovers from art projects. On occasion I add a photo that I've taken and journal on it. I always do something on the cover. I write in this journal every morning. I have stacks of these filled journals.

Image a week journal is a moleskein sketchbook that I also paint the pages. The purpose is to select an image that represents my week and add a little journaling. At the end of the year, this journal will provide a visual representation of the journey I've been on.

Creative process journal is a handmade book with painted pages. The purpose is to record my creative process, journal about creativity. I thought I would use this more than I do ... I tend to process my creativity (or lack of) in my morning pages journal.

Wreck this journal seemed like a great idea when I purchased it. I even thought my creativity playdate friends would like to join me. I was inspired by the online groups that were working their way through the book. I have had fun with it and on occasion open it up to do something in it. Mostly this feels like a waste of time.

Visual journal ala Kelly Kilmer was started a while ago (before I started dating pages) during a class. I'm not crazy about the size - the pages are too big for my taste. I've tried to use the "prompt" method for this journaling. I don't think I'll complete this book. I have a lot of images that I've stuck inside but the book doesn't call me to do anything with those images.

Remains of the day journals are my latest craze. I finished the travel journal ... loved working on it while on the trip and then adding the photos when I returned home.

Photo of the day journal. This is the first  ROD journal I made and I'm using it to add my photo of the day. I'm not in love with it - many of the pages are too busy and distracting (it was my first one and I tended to embellish a lot). I like the more simple pages so the images can show up. However, I am committed to using it (filling her up!).

Wish you were here journal is a work in progress. It is ROD inspired and will be filled with postcards and my favorite photos from travels. I'm not making the cover until I fill the pages - that way I can create a cover that will fit (unlike the travel journal). I love the pages - so colorful as are many of the places I've visted or have received postcards from.

Everyday beauty journal is one I made a few months ago and thought I would use for my photo of the day (hence the word "see"). I've added a couple magazine images and one photo but it hasn't called me to use it. This may need to find a new owner.

I have a couple others that I've made and not used. I'm considering listing them on Etsy so they could find their way into the hands of someone who will use them.

So ... I currently have 7 journals that are in progress. Oh how I envy people who work in one journal at a time. If I had to use only one it would be my morning page journal. But that just isn't enough for me. So ... I continue the search for the perfect journal. Ha!

I'd love to hear your stories!

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