Thursday, July 29, 2010

Altered Photos

Last week I took a class with Karen Michel on altered photos. These are some of the photos that I altered. Great class! I look forward to delving into this deeper.

Front and back covers of a little booklet
The sunflower had lots of background "noise" which I removed with sandpaper and painted. I changed the background of the angel photo with sandpaper scraping and paint.
In front of Notre Dame were lots of people that I changed to more "floral". The daisy had background stiff that I painted away.
The background of angel on the left was simply scrapped away. It doesn't need paint. The angel on the right was a mistake - some of my photos were in water and colors ran ... I like the way this colored on its very own :-).

Sydney was standing in front of a bookcase - very busy background. This isn't finished yet but I like the way it has transformed so far.
This was a photo filled with flowers. I want to do a little outlining of the focal flower and perhaps remove the doodled lines. The white around the flower is scraping with an awl.
On this one, i scraped away the car to at least try and blur it. I also added some of my own graffiti.
I love the way this photo looks really old. It too was in the pile of photos that ran.

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