Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yesterday I painted and embellished spreads I created on Friday. Something I love about creativity and being in a creative mode is the surprise that occurs when you are simply open to "what if." My first visual journal was titled "Journey into What If" and I still follow that path. Yesterday's path led me to my fabric scrap basket, where I found scraps that I could use on these spreads. Another "creative flow" was having the iron and board already up - so I wasn't disrupted from the flow. Having supplies easily accessible allowed me to stay in the flow.

The addition of fabric scraps adds another personal touch, as do my photographs. I've used only a few magazine images, mindful of copy write issues, just in case I decide to offer these for sale. My photo of a street in Madrid just off Plaza Mayor is one of my favorite pages. The use of my photos was another surprise as I hadn't thought of that and they weren't part of my stacks from which I was pulling to create these spreads.

The gift of the last two days has been the ability to immerse into this project with absolutely no interruptions. On Friday I worked in my pjs, not getting dressed the entire day. Saturday, I had to water out front and go down to the mailbox so I dressed (and bathed :-). These "retreats" are pure joy.

George returns today and we'll have a family BBQ tonight, so it's clean up my stuff, market, generally return to my life. I love my life, but I also appreciate retreat and the opportunity for getting into the creative flow and the fun surprises along the way.

Happy Sunday.

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