Sunday, October 04, 2009

Artist's Way Workshop

I've decided to take the Artist's Way Workshop with Odile Nicolette. While this is a huge time commitment, I went into this academic year with the intention of seeking balance. Thursday mornings are now dedicated to me pursuing my creative expression.

I did the Artist's Way book several years ago; well I should say I did most of it. I've taught a graduate course using The Artist's Way at Work. So I'm familiar with the themes. I feel this is a great time for me to work through the book again. I have several goals:
  1. Balance. A half-day workshop, plus morning pages, a weekly artist date, plus the exercises will keep me busy. But this busy is a balance to my school busy. It's all about me :-).
  2. I'm taking this workshop at the same time as I take my third class through towards a creativity coaching certificate. I'd like to see where this leads me ... I'm seeking my coaching voice.
  3. Being in community. I know my coaching work will be in community, with groups. So immersion in this group for 12 weeks, working through the creative process, will provide a "laboratory" of sorts ... I can be the participant/observer (my academic training is showing here.)
  4. Being in Odile's space always leaves me energized, motivated, and inspired. Her home studio is as warm and inviting as she. I always learn from her.
My intention is to blog my experience with the Artist's Way, but I'll have to see if that feels right or not.


Expressive Hart said...

I met Odile at the IEATA conference and we immediatley became soul sisters. I know you will have a rich and wonderous Artist Way journey with Odile!

ParisMaddy said...

Good luck with Artist's Way. I took it with an online group a few years ago. It was an awesome experience.


kartika said...

Jan, Good for you! This book is worth its weight in gold! I love Julia Cameron and have read most of her books - I think you will love the course! Kartika