Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What's the point?

Question: What's the point?

I fill notebooks with words and words and ideas and sketchbooks and scraps of paper and images. What's the point? Do I learn anything about myself with these words? Or do I just feel like I'm doing the write thing.

I put sticky note tabs in books and magazines. For what? So someday I'll return to that book and have time (and desire) to make something?

I now have about 8 collage/artist books that I'm working in. What's the point? Is this real art? Am I learning about design with this practice as I claim to be? Do I even think about design or do I simply slap paint and stuff on the page and move on? Is this an exercise in futility - do I have design talent?

I have unfinished art projects on the design board. For what? They stay there month after month. What good are they doing? Sure, I glance over, but not with time to really see. What purpose do they achieve other than for me to say I have "work in progress?"

I amass art supplies that spill over into my life space. Why? I don't have time to use them. They seem to indicate I'm a "practicing artist", but beyond that, what's the point?

Creativity feeds the soul!

My notebooks are the window to my soul. If I allow myself, I will and can learn more about myself. My notebooks are like a good shrink, only cheaper. They absorb my words and ideas and stand ready to deliver.As do all the books and magazines with their shiny pictures and ideas that inspire me.

My collage and artist books are symbols of some of the challenges I face as an artist. They provide me with a platform upon which to practice. Some pages I like and some I don't - it's all part of the creative process. These books also provide a window into my soul, with visual images rather than words.

My design board reminds me that there is work/projects waiting when I am ready. Eventually they call out and demand to be taken down and completed (or put away). They patiently wait. As do the art supplies. They stand ready to be put into action. They keep me thinking about arting and creating.

That's the point!

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