Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My newest journal

I've started two new journals as I prepare to return to work. One is my everyday journal. I simply paint pages and gesso every 10th page or so (for collages).

The one I'm showing here is going to be a visual journal. Visual journals have a different purpose than my everyday journal. There I do mostly morning page-type writing along with making lists and jotting down ideas and stuff. A visual journal is more of an illustrated journal entry. Each page tells a story, some loud and clear, others a mystery.

I'll be holding my first visual journaling workshop in September. This journal will be a sort of practice place. (Notice the "envelope" on inner cover where I can put ideas as they occur.)

I've prepared several pages for a couple of reasons. 1. When I return to work, I have very little time for art of any type. If I have journal pages waiting for stuff (photos, images, text) I'm more likely to work in it. By adding prompts to many of the pages, I can open to one that is appealing to me at that time. Like the one below is "Love notes" where I can put notes from people and to people in the sewn in pocket.

Another reason to prepare pages is to avoid the blank page syndrome. Because I put color (paint) on most blank pages, I no longer suffer from this syndrome. However, I have found that a blank book still is unwelcoming. I'm hoping that having lots of pages prepared and waiting for what's to come next, the book will remain "user-friendly."

And finally, I still have a goal to use my art supplies. I've given up the idea of using them all up -- I think it would take many books to do that. But I'm on a mission to not buy anything more until I have reduced my stash. I'm only allowed to buy glue at Michaels :-).
I'd love to hear your experiences with keeping a visual journal!

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kartika said...

I adore art journals! Would love doing them full time!