Sunday, August 16, 2009

Encaustic Painting

I took a basic encaustic class with Josie Rodriguez - it was fantastic! I enjoyed working with the wax and pigments. I particularly liked how the heat gun became like a paint brush. There isn't a lot of control (at least for me as a beginner) but that is part of the fun and interest. I love the "what happens if ..." art experience.

These three have transfers from photos of Italy.

Josie is a neat woman with great talent. She and her husband conduct art lessons in their very artsy home. They actually have a place for a retreat (something I hope to do one day.) She's an excellent teacher, patient and 'gentle'. I'd love to travel to Cortona Italy with them next summer but doubt I'll be able to afford it after this years trip.

I enjoyed the course and will take it again (basic encaustic). I like to do that ... take the basics until I feel I've got them "down" and then move on. I would like to practice more to get the "see-through" layering effect.

Because of the wax and pigments and equipment and working outside ... this isn't something I'll pursue right now. I may try a wax medium that comes in a jar, like Dorlands Wax Medium. I like the translucent effect and the idea of embedding things.

I'd also like to take Josie's mixed media class and her husband teaches paste papers. Oh, so many classes ... so little time.


Josie said...

Dear Jan, thank you for your kind words. What a nice lady you are and the great images you have created are fabulous. Our class was tremendously fun—lots of energy. I look forward to having you in one of my workshops again. Fuse on!!! (that's encaustic speak for heating with the heat gun or iron.) Happy creating.
Ciao, Josie Rodriguez

kartika said...

Jan, I would love to explore this technique - am a bit intimidated to do it without a class but may go for it - it looks very interesting and the results are very cool! Thanks! Kartika

Josie Rodriguez, Studio Artist said...

Jan, I have been going through blogs that I have saved and read yours again. Hard to believe that you took my class and we got to know one another almost 3 years ago. How are you? Our lives have been very busy, have become grandparents for the first time, traveled a bit and have another son getting married this July. I also have a brand new studio dedicated to teaching and making encaustic. Come on down and take another class. Be well and hope to see you sometime.